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John-Alder-blueJohn Alder


John began his professional work as a secondary school teacher, then undertook counsellor training and started working as a careers counsellor at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (1977).

During 10 years as a counsellor in tertiary education, John developed an interest in the consultation role of counsellors. He continued this interest with post-graduate studies in organisational psychology at Melbourne University. Upon completion of this program he began teaching counselling and organisational psychology at universities. John lectured in these fields, initially at Monash University (Gippsland) and later at Victoria University, for 15 years.

John in his officeDuring this period he also undertook human resource consultancies with Commonwealth Rehabilitation Service, Lanes Biscuits, EDS Aust. and other organisations. The consulting tasks included management development, career/rehabilitation counselling, designing personnel selection systems and training change agents/consultants.

He has frequently collaborated with senior practitioners and academics in presenting at (national and international) conferences and publishing articles on professional practices.
Career management and rehabilitation counselling became major threads in his consulting work with trainee psychologists and in the teaching of applied psychology to post-graduate psychology students.

John began a private practice in individual counselling and supervision of psychologists in 1992. Eventually establishing Appropriate Measures Pty Ltd which provided career assessment and professional development services. This service provides human resource development and consultancy using selected psychological assessment and training techniques. A family move to Adelaide in 2002, involved the provision of counselling services to staff of various organisations (incl. Glenside Hospital, Julia Farr Centre & IBM).

Since 2008, when John returned to Melbourne, he has been concerned with his private practice and professional education/supervision of provisional psychologists.  In this period he has become increasingly sensitive to the social – emotional aspects of clients, their relationships and the processes of counsellors in attending to their clients and their lives (self-care).

For his own professional education he is particularly appreciative of the supervision, mentoring and human-ness of (in chronological order): Christine Alder, Chris Kirwan, Paul Streckfuss, Vona Beiers, George Wills, Bernie Neville, Warren Lett, Geoff Kelso, Keith Taylor, Philip Greenway, Lorraine Pulsford, Melissa Harte and Rhonda Tranks.

All of these people demonstrated a high level capacity to clearly attend to the experiences of the other, while being alert to, and open with, their own presence in the relationship.   Knowing these people and this quality has been inspirational.

His professional credentials are:

  • Registered Psychologist, Counselling & Organisational Psychologist
  • BA, Dip Ed, BEd(Counselling), MA(Applied Psychology)
  • Fellow Australian Human Resources Institute (FAHRI)
  • Member Australian Psychological Society (MAPS)
  • Member APS College of Counselling Psychologists
  • Member APS College of Organisational Psychologists
  • Alder, J (2003) Professional Profile- J. Alder: Counselling Psychologist, Australian Journal of Counselling Psychology ; Spring, 5-6
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  • Alder, J. (1998) Convened Symposium on: Consultation Research: Three approaches in three industries Australian Psychological Society National Conference, Symposia Chaired by Dr Geoff Kelso Including presentations by Dr Yoland Wadsworth (Victoria University) and Dr Diane Niblo (RMIT)
  • including Pearce, J (WMC) & Alder, J. Adoption of consultant recommendations, organisational variables and occupational health and safety performance
  • Alder, J (1997) Convened Symposium on: Management development: Orientations to development, Australian Industrial/Organisational Psychology Conference Including presentations by Dr Paul Power ( Hay/McBer), Dr Greg Southey (QUT) and Dr Ben Shaw (Bond University)
  • including Krass, L, (Commonwealth Bank) & Alder, J, (1997) Insider training and training evaluation: The importance of knowing the system
  • Alder, J &. Beiers, V, (1997, August). Organisational consultation: two approaches. Papers presented to College of Organisational Psychology Workshop Melbourne
  • Alder, J (1996) Convenend Symposium on: Teaching/training in human resource development Including presentions by: Dr. Rob Allen, Michael Kaye and Peter McCrossin
  • including Alder, J., An HRM committee backdrop for teaching human resource development
  • Alder, J, & Tralaggan, A. (1996). An action research approach to identifying group effectiveness.  Occasional Papers, Faculty of Business, Victoria University, Melbourne.
  • Alder, J. (1995, July). Convened Symposium on Teams and Teamwork, Inaugural Australian Industrial/Organisational Psychology Conference, Sydney.Including presentations by Dr Anona Armstrong (Victoria University) and Dr Ross Williams ( Victoria University)
  • including Tralaggan, A.(Daimler-Benz), & Alder, J, Differing perspectives on group effectiveness: developing confluence in the field.
  • Alder, J., & Pearce, J., (1994), Organisational Features, Implementation of Consultant Recommendations and Occupational Health and Safety Performance, ANZAM Annual Conference, Wellington, NZ
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  • Alder, J, (1980), Careers Counselling in A.N.Z.S.S.A. Exchange, Melbourne. Subsequently presented at a Victorian A.N.Z.S.S.A. In-Service Program, Monash University -Counselling Service
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