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Our client (person) centered approach, as described by Dr Carl Rogers, gives great respect to the client’s perspective on and capacities to explore and construct purpose and meaning in their lives. The helpers role is to foster a relationship which is experienced as safe, genuine, empathic and promotes an openness to explore personal and interpersonal issues.

This therapeutic / facilitative relationship is the foundation to effective personal development.  Cooper, Watson and Holldampf’s book Person-Centered and Experiential Therapies Work (2010) draws together theory and research which evidences this claim.

Recent extensions to this foundation is in the work of Professors Les Greenberg, Edgar Schein and Gerard Egan in facilitating individuals, couples, groups and organisational development.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) has developed across recent years, moving from a focus on the rational (cognitive) to including behavioural, to a further appreciation of the emotions and relationship aspects of personal change.
Our model includes:

UNDERSTANDING ( especially in relationship)

DISCOVERY ( exploring thinking / feeling in experiences) &

ACTION ( planning and trials of behavioral steps)

in identifying–

  • strengths & struggles
  • how you relate with others
  • how to create change in yourself
  • how to influence / engage with others
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